Passion of my young niece won’t letting her sleep!!

My niece was pretty much interested in water sports. Her favorite was skiing, sailing and boating. I teach her how to surf and the workouts to do before surfing, so that to maintain her balance and become a better surfer than me. I was so glad that in such a small age instead of playing with dolls and idiot stuff toys she was interested in playing outdoors. This would not only develop her physical strength but also makes her mentally fit. So I thought it is better to put her for sailor training this summer. So I talked to head of my club and registered her in too. I think she was the cutest junior member of our club EFYC. My sister’s wedding venue was also the same East Fremantle Yacht Club.
She was into junior sailing program and getting into small Boat Sailing Scheme will make her learn to sail a fun and for educational process as well. This course will build confidence in her to sail and race in most conditions. Sailing a ferry can be enlivening and this scheme has been developed to provide a safe introduction to yacht sailing. It is good for learning and for taking control of your own small boat and it progressively teaches how to sail, initial with the indispensable skills in the primary level, with the gradual prologue of more highly developed skills and techniques in other levels.  
The best part of it was that to encourage high standards of safety; offer support of talent and skill development so that they can enter races in future if they want and provide opportunities and facilities for sailors to improve their racing standards. At a very minimal cost.
And when I told her about this membership of hers she was very excited to join that, she told me she wanted to join that right now. Before joining that I took her to various shops and let her buy whatever she wanted to buy for her and the basic necessary things with a tough bag pack. She grabbed some chocolates on the way and she wanted to have ice cream after that. I was in no hurry so I told her that she can have all the things at one cost that she won’t do anything mischievous in that sailing program, or do not play any pranks with the other kids. She agreed to the point and the deal was made.
After few weeks finally the day came when she had to go with me for that program. She was not able to sleep at night completely, due to the excitement and woke up early in the morning to ready to roll. After that program when she came back she was super happy, hugged and thanked me for that inconceivable day, which was more to come. When I was looking at her pictures which she brought along with her, I can imagine that how happy she was with her dreams coming true. She then opened her bag and gave me a snicker, which says it all.

It’s time to do a little care for your Window treatments!


Curtains are the most flexible and miscellaneous coverings for a window, finishing a room in a fashionable timeless way. So today I am going to talk about how to take care and to do window treatments that will surely add beauty to your homes. But maintaining these window treatments can seem hard and like a mystery. How regularly should you be clean-up your curtains? How do you guard fragile sheers? Where to buy quality curtain? Can you use it in a washing machine? Cleaning curtains doesn’t have to be tricky. It will require only an hour or maybe less, some mentioned tips will help you

Here’s how u do it:

Washing Curtains

Remove your curtain and then remove all hardware from it before you wash them. When washing your curtains, check the care label behind your curtain first. If you still have any doubt left regarding your curtains, try to test on a spot, a tiny corner with a mixture of some detergent and water. The majority washable curtains will need to be washed in frosty water with a small amount of detergent which is used to do laundry.

Drying Curtains


Line drying or using a low setting on garments dryer will both work for washable curtains. Take your curtains out from the dryer before they are fully dry. Instead go for a 95% of drying. Over drying can cause wrinkles in your precious curtains, but removing it whilst it is still somewhat damp, make ironing them an easy job, and will dry without getting wrinkles on them.

Press and Replace


Ironing quick will be all that which is needed to be done in the end. Now you can again put your curtain hardware and re-install your curtains.

How to care for them weekly

For weekly care, make use of the upholstery sweep add-on with your vacuum cleaner to clean the heavier curtains in all. For light weight curtains, an infrequent quivering is more practical to defend your delicate fabric.

What You Need

  • Upholstery Attachment for your Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Laundry Detergent for cleaning
  • Washing Machine with some pillow covers
  • Hand washing supplies
  • Line Dryer
  • Clothes Dryer

Tips for washing your curtains:

Fragile lace and sheer curtains may advantage from being washed from hand or machine washed by putting them inside a big mesh bag. In a soupçon, I’ve washed my delicate curtains inside an old pillowcase after fastening it firmly. This prevented my curtains from damage and fraying.

Even the sturdiest curtain fabrics will deteriorate with experiencing the sunlight. I’ll never disregard removing a set of cotton curtains, only to have them tear apart right in my hand. Always use caution while washing your curtains, especially when they’ve served your windows for an extensive period of time. Keep these things in your mind

  • Wash plain-panel or simply constructed draperies only if they are labeled washable behind.
  • Hand or machine wash window treatments on the gentle cycle, always use cool water and mild detergent.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine while washing your curtains.
  • Rinse gently and thoroughly and dry up to 95% of your curtain.
  • Tumble dry on the low or air setting, or line dry.
  • Always do iron on your window treatments on the back side.

Do not wash your curtains under the following circumstances:

  • If your drapery or lining isn’t mentioned washable.
  • If the drapery and lining are made of different fibers. (One may shrink, causing the other to pucker and hang poorly.)
  • If sunlight has weakened the fabric, or it, may tear apart.
  • If the draperies are constructed with pleats, which may not hold their shape during machine-washing.
  • If the draperies are too large for your washing machine.
  • If the trims and embellishments aren’t washable or colorfast.

If you want to buy new curtains then there is no better place than Chaislund in Perth. It has curtains and Blinds and many more for your residential and commercial environment.

Granite on demand

My friend owns his business of construction material. He provides all the required material used to construct a beautiful home. He started this business way long when he was a kid, then we both use to sit at his shop with his father and look at the customers coming and going and how his father use to deal with those customers. His father was superb at dealing with their customers so does he. They both are good at manipulating them and converting them into their regular customers.

Ray wanted to extend his empire by including Granite and other precious stones too. But first his choice was narrowed to only Granite. One day we were just sitting and talking about his business, he told me that there is no fixed time to go on his work, sometimes he goes at 7 AM sometimes at 6 and if in night if there is any delivery of building material then he had to go at 1 PM or maybe 3PM, so there was no consistency in time

He just wanted a day off from his super busy schedule and wanted to spend time with our old group of friends which was left behind. Wanted to go back in times and live that moment once again, somehow I manage to make him understand that this was not possible. But this thing and the work load was making him furious and his behavior was becoming irritating towards everyone, so I started sitting with him on his work.

One day he was super high, sitting on his work doing business, because he was depressed, so that day I attended the call and it was the bad timing. His regular caller called and ordered Slabs of Granite in a huge range and told me to make that delivery as soon as possible within a day. I was like What the Fudge, I don’t know anything about this and Ray was high that he couldn’t understand anything I say or do and his father was out of town doing business. I have to do anything to save his client and keep them into business, I called every single person I knew but no one knows the best deal with granites. Last I called my Dad; I thought he might know anything about dealing with granites. He then told me instead of buying granite from any shop, buy directly from the quarry. Because then they would provide with the best quality granite at a cheaper rate and within time. He searched on the internet and gave me the number of Kimberley Granite Quarry. Later than I thanked him and said I would talk to him later. Then I called that quarry and asked for granite, I was having no knowledge about this, but then also just to make them feel I do business of this I talked like them. They told me that they will deliver it on the next day, and will take the money after that. I told them to take more money but to deliver today somehow because tomorrow in the morning the customer wanted that granites. After a long talk somehow they get agreed with me and told me that they will deliver it today at the same price. I thanked them and hang up on them. They told me that they will be here within 3 hours and that was fine. They reached here within time and saved my friend’s business.

Do workout Before Riding the waves!!

According to the Wikipedia surfing means “Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a “surfer”, rides on the forward face of a moving wave which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore. Waves suitable for surfing are primarily found in the ocean, but can also be found in lakes or in rivers in the form of a standing wave or tidal bore. However, surfers can also utilize man-made waves such as those from boat wakes and the waves created in artificial wave pools.”

But seriously if you ask me, the above definition is of no use then. To me surfing is like eating, if I skip surfing even a single day I feel like I am missing something important. I live to surf; it isn’t just carrying my surfboard and riding the waves. It is living the moment when I do it and getting the best out of it, doing new tricks every weekend. And when I go to surf I do workouts before.

I started the Total Surfing Fitness program approximately a year prior to my 1st overseas surfing visit to Miami hoping to increase my moves on crazy waves and my confidence as well. I did the workouts on average of two-three times a week and progressed through level 1, 2 and 3 by gaining more flexibility and strength as I went further. To be very precise I loved the stretching part strength and noticed improvement regarding my flexibility and agility while surfing. Surfing uses a combination of both your aerobic (with oxygen) energy system and your anaerobic (without oxygen) energy system. Simultaneously you need to improve both of these energy systems, in order to improve your cardiovascular fitness for surfing. There are many workouts like:

Increase your paddle fitness- For this you need to do interval training using surf specific interval periods, and certain types of exercises which will boost both your paddle fitness and improve your overall surf conditioning.

Improve your, strength; core stability and rotary power- Work on your core stability, that mean to use your core muscles to stabilize your torso when other forces acting against you. Its basics is plank or bridge type exercises, but there are many other advanced exercises also which you need to master before you have excellent core stability.

To be a good surfer you also need to develop your rotary power and core strength. Rotary power is trained using very specific functional exercises and is an important factor for mastering powerful turns.

Increase your upper body strength, endurance, and power

Improve your flexibility and mobility

Finally you need to improve your balance and lower body power and strength to be a master of surfing.

With all these above mentioned workouts you not only make your body strong but you can master to ride furious waves while surfing and that too very easily. And in order to increase your wave count fast, and to become a better surfer than others, you need to have a surf specific, well rounded, functional training program. You cannot just rely on the simple traditional body building workout which we do in our daily routine and boring cardio to improve your surfing.